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104 Hours of Self-Discovery - The CTI Coach Training

When I was looking into "how to become a coach" I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of methodologies, tools and "institutes" that were offering a training and certification program. Up to this point I had received different kinds of coaching myself and realized that this would be the starting point... One of my coaches, who had done wonders for me, was trained by the Co-Active Professional Coach Training Institute. Knowing what they had done for me I decided to give CTI a try.

Going into the CTI Fundamentals training (the first of 5 modules in the training program) I had a clear intention of "getting a solid understanding of the tools I need to get the most out of it for my potential clients". But let me tell you one thing, over the course of a long weekend, we were all whisked away into a deep dive coaching EXPERIENCE of our own. The hands-on, practical approach of the training evoked many AHA-moments, tears and other revelations. The connectedness, in a room full of empathetic strangers who were able to hold one another and create a trusting environment full of acceptance, was something I had never quite experienced before in a training environment. After this weekend, I knew this was what I wanted to do for my clients and that CTI was my way forward.

The Co-Active Professional Coach Training is widely recognized as one of the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry. As the largest and most established professional coach training organization in the world, CTI has trained over 65,000 coaches, including employees in more than a third of the Fortune 100 companies.

Over the coming months, whilst going through the different modules of the program, I felt that I was not just building a solid coaching skillset, but gained a better understanding about myself. In every coaching session I was learning and practicing how to "ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit skills and creativity" for my clients, but even more so I started doing the same for myself. This training truly was "104hours of self-discovery".


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