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Trained & Certified For Your Development

As the coaching industry continues to grow and expand, it's becoming increasingly important for coaches to obtain proper training and certification in order to stand out in an otherwise unregulated field.

One of the most well-respected and recognized coaching certification programs is the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) program offered by the Co-ActiveTraining Institute (CTI).

The CPCC program is designed to provide coaches with the knowledge and tools they need to help clients reach their full potential, both professionally and personally. The program emphasizes the Co-Active Coaching model, which focuses on creating a collaborative relationship between coach and client, in order to elicit transformative change.

But why is it so important for coaches to go through a certification program like the CPCC?

First and foremost, hiring a certified coach ensures that you're working with someone who has undergone rigorous training and is well-educated in the field of coaching. It also ensures that the coach has a deep understanding of best practices and ethics in coaching.

Secondly, many clients feel more comfortable working with a certified coach because it provides a level of assurance for them that the coach is not only qualified to do the job, but is committed to ongoing professional development and growth.

One of the most respected accrediting organizations for coaching certification is the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF offers three levels of certification: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Accreditation from the ICF adds additional credibility and reputation to the coaching industry, and ensures that clients are working with coaches who hold themselves to high standards of professionalism and ethical behavior.

In summary, the coaching industry is one that requires a great deal of trust and faith from the clients who hire coaches. By going through a certification program like the CPCC or becoming accredited by the ICF, coaches are able to provide both the skills and credibility necessary to build the trust and faith of their clients. Investing in training and certification pays off for both coaches and clients alike.


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