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Nature - The OG Rolemodel For Personal Development

Nature teaches us that everything is temporary — the seasons, the moods we go through, even the trees. In everything that it does, nature shows us how to be #unattached to the outcome and have #patience with #growth.

Take leaves, for example. They fall from their branches in the autumn and decompose into the soil, where they feed the roots of new plants in a cycle that repeats each year. (We can learn something from this about how our actions affect others.) As each leaf falls from its tree and drifts to the ground, what happens? Nothing. It just sits there until it rots or is blown away by the wind. But no matter where it ends up or what happens to it, there's not a shred of #fear attached to its journey because it knows that nothing is permanent in life — even when it's coming right off of a branch! And as each season comes around again, we're reminded of how things are temporary and whatever you might be worried about right now will just pass.

Nature teaches us about #patience, #authenticity and #nonattachment. And it also teaches us about the effects that our #environment has on us. When the resources that a plant needs to grow are available, it grows. It doesn't grow to 50% and then stops. It will live to its fullest height and spread its branches out as far as it can. If a plant has a limitation on its growth, it is because something else is limiting it — like the container it's planted in.

In nature we can see what's possible when we're not limited by other people's judgments or expectations of us. We get to see what happens when we're not in competition with anyone else for what we need to be happy. In nature there are no labels. Nature is good enough just as it is. And nature never stops changing, growing, and evolving — it goes through cycles and is constantly regenerating itself from its roots. It's both enduring and fragile at the same time. It can be beautiful while also being harsh. There's no such thing as a finished product in nature; there's always room for improvement in each individual part, and the whole exists in constant flux with everything around it.

What if we could look at our lives this way?

What if we learn to be more accepting about the seasons we go through?

What if we become unattached to the outcome?


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