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How To Find The Right Coach For You

Congrats to you! If you are reading this you are likely to have started your journey of finding the right coach for you! Maybe, you even skimmed through my website to if I am the right fit for you... What a courageous step to reach out for support.

Now, finding the right coach is a little bit like finding the right life partner. You might need to date a few frogs in order to find "The One". A lot of it comes down to having the right chemistry & connection. To help you from spending too much time and effort with the search and get started on your self-development journey asap I have scribbled down a few pointers that should help you through the selection process.

Tip #1: Know what your goal with coaching is Before you jump right in it is helpful to understand what you want to achieve by working with a coach.

Do you want to

  • develop your leadership skills?

  • define your life purpose?

  • find more balance in life?

  • get support in building your online business?

  • have more accountability towards your goals?

  • _________?

There is basically a coach for any occasion out there and it can get really tricky to find someone who is able to cater to your needs. The clearer you are on what you are looking to change the easier it will be to find someone catering to your niche of coaching.

Tip #2: Do your research

Ask for recommendations

Find a coach in your network. Ask your friends and colleagues (LinkedIn) if they have any recommendations. If there is someone they trust it could be a great first step.

Let me google that for you

Now, you can obviously ask our old friend Google and just find a few coaches who cater to the needs you have identified (see Tip #1 - I would suggest to find at least 3 that "speak" to you). Check their website, client testimonials, vibe.... Do the testimonials cover the areas that you are looking to work on? Trust you instinct and schedule an initial call. A lot of coaches offer a "no-strings-attached" intro call to test the waters.

Look for credentials

The coaching industry is still mostly unregulated and therefore it can be helpful to look for coaches who have been thoroughly trained and certified - The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the closest thing to a governing body for coaches. Now, there are many wonderful coaches, who might not be certified (yet), but with the ICF certification you will get the assurance, that the person you are placing your trust in has completed +100hrs of training, coaching and supervision (feedback) to foster the skills that will support your growth.

Tip #3: Test, test, test

Keep going and don't just "settle" for someone if you don't find the right coach right away. Go ahead & book those (mostly free) intro calls. It will give you (and your potential future coach) the opportunity to get a feel for each other and ask any questions you might have.

It is also important to understand that the coaching relationship (like any other relationship) will go both ways. So, you might experience a coach who will decline working with you because they have no capacity at this stage or don't think it is the right fit. Do not be discouraged by it. As previously mentioned a lot comes down to chemistry & you will find that you are best served by a coach who is equally as invested as you. This empowered relationship will allow for a trusting and safe environment for your self-development.

Love, Rebekka


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